Our Vision

A new face of our bioeconomy and opening the door to innovative and sustainable development in the processing and production of materials.


Carbon sequestration and promoting sustainable development.

Our priority is to redefine how carbon is used. Thanks to the G2-Next Gen Technology, we are creating a new solution in the method of storing carbon dioxide in the form of a renewable product with a negative balance in terms of carbon dioxide emissions.


Carbon sequestration and promoting sustainable development.

Biochar Europe sp. z o.o. was founded on the basis of engineering staff with almost 40 years of experience in the field of technological innovations of thermal energy in connection with environmental protection.

In 2020, HEMPATIA, a company dealing with the cultivation and processing of hemp, made contact with RDA TECHNOLOGIES to develop and implement a mobile installation for the production of biochar. An important assumption was the ability to recover energy and use it directly on the farm.

The combination of regenerative farming techniques, holistic management and innovative technology has led to the development of a way to sequester carbon dioxide perfectly responding to the needs of the ever-changing world.

In 2022, BIOCHAR EUROPE was founded. where HEMPATIA and RDA TECHNOLOGIES are the shareholders.

During the design process, we faced unexpected challenges and made many changes in relation to the first concepts of the company’s operation.

Today, we offer you not only the G2-Next Gen installations, which is a market leader in terms of efficiency and product quality, but also the entire facilities and a scheme on how to effectively compensate for the amount of carbon dioxide produced by civilization.

Our team


Tomasz Kopeć


A graduate of the navigation department of the Gdynia Maritime University. He has worked on the largest sailing ships and the most luxurious yachts in the world. After completing his sea adventures, he developed his second passion, which is farming, and created “La Village Pelna Kultura” – a regenerative farm that provides food for the local community. Along with the development of the farm, he specialized in the cultivation of hemp. Co-founder of the HEMPATIA brand and regenratywni.pl. An active player and referee on basketball courts.

Karolina Kowalska

Karolina Kowalska

Vice President

A graduate of the Jagiellonian University, Faculty of Management and Social Communication, specialty: Company Management. In recent years, she gained professional experience as the International Relations Director at the Canadian company RDA Technologies.

Scientific interests concern issues related to sustainable development, in particular focusing on the development of an innovative product, which is biochar, and its use in modern agriculture.

It cooperates with universities and institutes in the use of biocarbon in agriculture, construction and forestry.

Michał Kotarski

Michal Kotarski

Managing director

Experienced manager, graduate of Master’s studies in Business International with Data Analytics at Ulster University London, Business Management at Roehampton University London and graduate of Gdynia Maritime University. He has experience in managerial positions in companies and institutions in the agricultural industry.

Radosław Walczak

Radowsław Walczak

Managing Director

A graduate of the navigation department of the Gdynia Maritime University, currently holding the position of first officer on an oil-producing ship. Member of the management board of 2 companies. The first serves restaurants, a hotel and a passenger ship. Another company deals with the cultivation of organic hemp and the introduction of the resulting products to the market. Actively spending his free time, participant of many triathlon events in Poland.

Jan Gładki

Jan Gładki


A world pioneer and expert in the management of biomass residues of human activity and the production of biochar. Jan Gladki has worked for over 48 years in the design and production of thermal installations, including the technology of autothermal biomass conversion. He was on the Management Boards and the President of several companies. He is the inventor of many patents in the field of heating boilers, including the specialized technology of autothermal conversion of biomass, and a co-owner of the G2-Next Gen technology patent; next generation of its previously patented G1 series reactors, which have been operating in various capacities and configurations for 14 years. Jan Gładki is known for having designed, built and operated the largest commercial biochar installation of this type in Europe. It cooperates with many universities and institutes in the field of biocarbon use in agriculture, construction and energy. He has published many articles and books on the production and use of biochar.

Donald G. LeBlanc

Donald G. LeBlanc, P.Eng.


President of RDA Atlantic Inc, Don and his companies have been involved in the engineering and construction of over 3,000 commercial and industrial projects in Canada and Europe over the past 35 years. Many of these projects involved complex technologies for converting raw materials into valuable products. Don is a graduate of Dalhousie University’s engineering school in Halifax, Canada. It focuses on the use of energy-efficient technologies in the design of buildings and processing systems.

Paweł Radzikowski

dr Paweł Radzikowski

An expert on behalf of IUNG-PIB

Biologist and agronomist, graduate of the University of Natural Sciences and Humanities in Siedlce, researcher at the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation – National Research Institute in Puławy. He has fifteen years of experience in conducting scientific research. He specializes in the assessment of biodiversity of various agricultural lands, including permanent grasslands, cereal crops and perennial crops for energy purposes. He participates in the development of sustainable, climate change-resistant cultivation technologies and plant protection methods. He is involved in numerous national and international research projects and in the evaluation of the Common Agricultural Policy. Since 2014, he has been involved in experiments in the use of biochar in agriculture. In 2016, as part of an internship at FiBL in Switzerland, he became acquainted with low-cost methods of biochar production using a flame curtain. He also popularizes the use of biochar in agriculture and horticulture, based on the results of research by scientists from around the world.

Kacper Świderski

inż. Kacper Świderski

A graduate of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Wrocław University of Science and Technology, majoring in Mechanics and Machine Construction. Passionate about mechanical solutions and devices. A designer with many years of experience. Lot of machines currently used in various industries (automotive, food, heavy, manufacturing) were based on the designs he created. Recently, he has turned his interest towards developing and modernizing the designs of devices for the effective production of biochar, as well as new possibilities of using this product in industry. In hiss free time, hi is a DIY enthusiast who enjoys trekking and travelling.